Lists of approved Finnish establishments

Approved establishments in the veterinary field for the intra-Community trade have been listed on this page according to the Directive 2008/73/EC.

Approved centers/teams, semen and embryos

Approved semen collection centres for trade in semen of domestic animals of the ovine and caprine species, approved embryo collection and production teams for trade in embryos and ova of the ovine, caprine and porcine species and approved semen storage centres for trade in semen of animals of the ovine, caprine and equine species DO NOT EXIST in Finland.

Approved establishments, poultry

Approved bodies, institutes or centers

Approved animal dealers

Approved laboratories

Approved assembly centres for trade in animals of the bovine (Directive 64/432/EEC), equine (Directive 90/426/EEC), ovine, caprine (Directive 91/68/EEC) and porcine species (Directive 64/432/EEC)

There are no approved assembly centres in Finland.

Approved quarantine facilities or stations for non-poultry birds (Directives 92/65/EEC and 91/496/EEC)

There are no approved quarantine facilities in Finland.

Last modified 10.04.2014

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