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Mallit Evirassa käytössä olevista eläinlääkintötodistuspohjista

Liha ja lihavalmisteet 

  • AUS001 Certificate for export of uncooked big meat  PÄIVITETÄÄN



BICON – Australian Government's new online system for biosecurity import conditions and permit applications

BICON provides users with a range of search options (common terms, scientific name or tariff code) to determine the conditions for importing goods into Australia. If an import permit is required, BICON provides a link directing the user to the appropriate import permit application. To apply and pay for an import permit users must have a registered BICON account which also enables applications/permits to be managed, cases to be followed and alerts received.  In addition, BICON specifies onshore outcomes, detailing the possible activities that can be expected once the goods arrive at the border.

An Import Services Team has been established to answer questions about import conditions and permits. 
The team can be contacted by Email:

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