Do not bring African swine fever to Finland

Do not bring African swine fever to Finland

Do not bring back a disastrous gift from your hunting trip. The risk of African Swine Fever (ASF) spreading to Finland has increased. Especially the Finnish hunters, who travel to Estonia, play a key role in preventing the disease from spreading.
Remember food hygiene also on holiday

Keep cold cold in summer's heat

Ensure an unbroken cool chain. Careful handling of food is particularly important in the summer, because microbes thrive and multiply best in warm temperatures.
Labelling requirements for the country of origin of strawberries

Country of origin must always be indicated for strawberries

When strawberries are sold packaged, the labelling shall indicate the name, country of origin, packager of the product, the lot marking, the net quantity and the quality class. When sold in open packages or loose, a sales information sign shall be posted in the immediate vicinity of the strawberries indicating the product, the country of origin, and the quality class.

Grill safely

Wash your hands and keep raw and cooked foods separate. Do not prove taste raw minced meat. More tips for safe grilling.

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