Restriction on the use of foodstuffs

Guidelines for selection of safe foods

The best way to avoid the effects of any contaminants contained in food products is to follow a balanced and diverse diet and eat in moderation. Recommendations for safe consumption of foods are provided on Evira's website.
Do not bring African swine fever to Finland

Do not bring African swine fever to Finland

Do not bring back a disastrous gift from your hunting trip. The risk of African Swine Fever (ASF) spreading to Finland has increased. Especially the Finnish hunters, who travel to Estonia, play a key role in preventing the disease from spreading.
Frequently asked questions regarding norovirus

Washing hands works with noro virus too

The Noro virus spreads easily between people or it can be caught from food or water. The spreading of the virus can be prevented by carefully washing hands before preparing food. When ill, however, one should never prepare food for others.

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