Dishes matter – what are food contact materials?

Choose the right kind of pot for cooking berries

During the berry season, berries are turned into home-made juice or jam. Evira recommends that pots and steam juicers made of aluminium should not be used in the preparation of acidic foods.

Crayfish season continues

The crayfish season started on 21 July and runs until the end of October. The seller of the live crayfish should provide the following information to the consumer: name of the species, production method (caught or farmed), the catch area and the fishing gear.
Do not bring African swine fever to Finland

Do not bring African swine fever to Finland

Do not bring back a disastrous gift from your hunting trip. The risk of African Swine Fever (ASF) spreading to Finland has increased. Especially the Finnish hunters, who travel to Estonia, play a key role in preventing the disease from spreading.

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