Laboratory approval

EU based laboratories entering Finnish market

Laboratories approved by Evira are evaluated according to the internationally criteria. The evaluated laboratories have demonstrated their competence and reliability of the results.

Get to know Evira's publications

Evira publishes annually studies and reports on nutrition and the health and welfare of animals and plants. Most of these can be downloaded for free.


Evira manages, directs and develops the control of products used in the primary production of foods and agriculture. The goal is effective, efficient, consistent and risk-based targeted control across the entire food supply chain

Laboratory operations

The branch of activity of Evira's laboratories includes diagnostics of animal diseases and analytics related to food safety, as well as laboratory studies associated with the safety and quality of feeds, fertilizers and seeds.
Evira's scientific research outline

Evira's scientific research outline

Scientific research has social influence. Results of Evira’s scientific research are used in the guidelines for the food safety and animal welfare related to the development of the legislation and directing of the control.

Risk assessment

Risk assessment is a scientific process which includes hazard identification, hazard characterisation, exposure assessment and risk characterisation.