Evira manages, directs and develops the control of products used in the primary production of foods and agriculture. The goal is effective, efficient, consistent and risk-based targeted control across the entire food supply chain.

Our objective is effective, efficient, consistent and risk-based control of the entire food chain.

Control is based on a Finnish multiannual control plan, which covers the entire food chain

Effective own control of the companies is the basis of food control, which ensures a high level of hygiene throughout the production chain. Special emphasis is laid both on the hygiene proficiency of the personnel and on hygienic facilities.

The control of product safety encompasses e.g. food additives, novel foods and food contact materials.

Contaminants in plants, live animals and foodstuffs of animal origin are controlled comprehensively on an annual basis to further improve the safety of the marketed foods.

In primary production control starts with seeds and plants and ranges through field inspections to certification and the market control of products. Evira is the northernmost plant variety test centre in the EU.

Control is also targeted at fertilizers, pesticides, animal feeds as well as genetically modified and organic products and production.

Evira’s activities also incorporate the control of import and export of animals, products of animal origin and plants. Plant health control efforts are designed to ensure that no new pests that could cause significant damage are introduced to agriculture, forestry or horticulture.

The key strategy applied to the promotion of animal health and welfare is based on real-time monitoring and efficient preventive action. In addition to animal welfare inspections carried out pursuant to EU regulations, training is provided to local and regional inspectors to support the efforts aimed at ensuring the welfare of animals. Evira is also responsible for the inspection of meat in large slaughterhouses.