Sensory analyses

Evira operates as reference laboratory for sensory testing on food of animal origin. Particular sensory methods have had accreditation since 1993. Evira's performance as reference laboratory includes, e.g., development and harmonisation of sensory methods, and advising on and training in the methods. As reference laboratory, in controversial situations Evira also performs sensory evaluations within the scope of our operations.

Sensory analyses related to controlling, e.g. sensory quality assessments to control EU grants, form a major part of sensory analytics at Evira. In addition, Evira carries out sensory evaluations as commissioned and based on regular research agreements.

Eviras operations also include externally financed projects. Evira does also participate in international work to develop sensory methods, e.g.,  Nordic Committee on Food Analysis (NMKL), International Organization for Standardization (ISO), International Dairy Federation (IDF).

Contact person:
Tiina Ritvanen, tel. 040 489 3415