Laboratory services

Evira’s laboratory services

Evira’s laboratory services (=Evira’s laboratories) carry out laboratory diagnostics for animal and plant diseases, and laboratory analyses of food, feed, fertilisers and plants. The laboratories also offer expert services related to these subjects.

Laboratory and expert services are offered to both competent authorities and private customers.

The laboratories also perform scientific research and participate in national and international cooperation. 

Evira’s laboratories function as national reference laboratories in the fields of food and feed analyses, veterinary (animal disease) diagnostics and plant analyses.

The laboratories are responsible for laboratory analyses of extensive monitoring and surveillance programmes required by the EU and national legislation. These programmes include, for example, antimicrobial resistance monitoring, the residue monitoring programme, animal disease monitoring programmes, monitoring of diseases transmissible from animals to humans (zoonoses), and plant disease monitoring programmes.

There are 260 people working for Evira’s laboratory services and there are laboratory operations in 6 cities (Helsinki, Loimaa, Kuopio, Oulu, Seinäjoki and Lappeenranta).

The contact persons for Evira’s laboratory services are:

Director of Laboratory Services, Pia Mäkelä, tel. +358 50 448 1302
Head of the Veterinary Bacteriology and Pathology Unit, Sinikka Pelkonen, tel. +358 40 028 7061
Head of the Virology Unit, Tuija Gadd, tel. +358 50 357 0328
Head of the Microbiology Unit, Anna-Liisa Myllyniemi, tel. +358 40 028 7398
Head of the Chemistry Unit, Janne Nieminen, tel. +358 50 463 9586
Head of the Plant Analytics Unit, Mirja Kartio, tel. +358 40 534 5510

Laboratories approved by Evira

In addition to Evira’s laboratories, analyses for official control and own-checks are also carried out at laboratories that Evira has approved based on legislation. The contact person for official and own-checks laboratory approval is Senior Inspector Taija Rissanen, tel. +358 50 574 6308.

Quality of laboratory operations

Evira’s laboratories comply with a quality and operation system pursuant to standard ISO/IEC 17025. The proficiency of laboratory operations and the validity of results have been demonstrated with evaluation that meets international criteria.

The laboratory has an accreditation granted by the FINAS accrediting service. FINAS is an independent operator and accreditation granted by them complies with EU regulations, and European and international recognition agreements. Evira’s FINAS accreditation ID is T014. The laboratories have over 150 effective and accredited analyses methods in the fields of chemistry, plant analytics, microbiology, bacteriology, virology and parasitology. Valid accreditation and testing methods are described on the FINAS website

Evira’s laboratories also have accreditation for seed testing granted by ISTA (International Seed Testing Association).

The official and own-checks laboratories approved by Evira are also as a rule evaluated and/or accredited by FINAS in accordance with the ISO/IEC 17025 standard.