Plant diseases and pests

Plant diseases and pests The key task of the plant disease and pest laboratory in Helsinki is to analyse samples of agricultural and garden plants for any plant diseases and pests classified as harmful under legislation. As a rule, samples are obtained by trained plant health inspectors. Other samples that are officially examined include harmful pests found in domestically produced plant propagation material offered for sale. With the exception of certain import and export samples, officially analysed samples do not incur any costs to farmers or the other parties involved. The laboratory also offers services for a fee, such as analysing samples, provided by individual consumers or other parties, for suspected harmful plant diseases, or analysing insect samples.

Finnish legislation currently specifies more than 200 plant diseases and pests classified as harmful; diagnostic capacity for approximately 50 of these is required of the laboratory. The largest number of samples submitted to the laboratory for analysis concern potato ring rot, and viral diseases and tobacco whitefly affecting greenhouse production.

The Lappeenranta laboratory analyses samples of forest and timber pests obtained from timber. Samples obtained from coniferous wood imported from Russia and from domestic coniferous wood are analysed for pine wood nematode.

Similarly, any wooden packaging material (pallets, frames, boxes etc.) arriving in Finland from outside the EU is analysed for the pine wood nematode. In addition, samples from coniferous wood imported primarily from Russia are analysed for pests.

The laboratory is the only one in Finland that investigates the occurrence of quarantine pests and diseases found in timber and forest trees, whether in imported timber or domestic conifer forests.

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