Seed quality

Evira's seed laboratories conduct laboratory tests to ensure the high quality and plant health of marketed agricultural and garden plant seeds and seed potatoes. These laboratories are located in Loimaa. 

As part of the certification process, the laboratories inspect official samples of agricultural and garden plants, for certain characteristics specified in seed trade legislation. This inspection is subject to a charge.

Meanwhile, the inspection of market surveillance samples and the identification of wild oat plants represent measures performed by the laboratory, free of charge, as a public authority.

For a fee, farmers can submit samples of seeds intended for their personal use, in order to have them inspected. We also inspect samples from seed packaging plants' primary seed batches and from forest frees.

In addition, the seed section performs national and international specialist duties within its domain. The laboratory is ISTA certified.

Seed samples are typically analysed for purity, the number of seeds from other plant species, the weight of 1,000 seeds, humidity and germination, as well as seed-borne plant diseases, such as cereal smuts and barley stripe.

Samples of potato tubers from seed potato farms are studied for potato viruses and for potato ring rot, which is classified as a harmful plant disease. Soil samples from seed potato farms are analysed for the potato cyst nematode, which is classified as a harmful pest.

For further information, please contact:
Hanna Ranta, Researcher, potato analyses and seed-borne plant diseases