Pursuant to Finnish national regulations, an approval by Evira is required for laboratories that analyse 


  • samples taken by authorities of food, water, housing health, feeds, fertilizer, plant health or seed products
  • Trichinella -samples involved in meat inspection
  • statutory in-house control samples of operators in food sector
  • statutory in-house control samples of biogas- and composting plants
  • statutory in-house control samples of plants processing by-products of animal origin
  • samples taken in the national salmonella control programme.


Laboratories based in other EU member states need not apply for Evira's approval, however, even if they offer analysis services of the aforementioned samples to Finnish customers (e.g. authorities).


Pursuant to the Directive of the European Parliament and the Council on services in the internal market (2006/123/EC), member states may not set forth national requirements that act as barriers to free trade between member states. Moreover, Evira must be able to control laboratories approved by Evira, but Evira's geographical jurisdiction does not extend outside the Finnish territory. For these reasons, only laboratories located inside the Finnish borders are required by Finnish regulations to be approved by Evira to carry out the aforementioned analyses. The approval is also required of laboratories, which operate in Finland but are part of a company with a foreign domicile.


The requirements set out in Finnish national regulations for laboratories and analyses also pertain to analyses conducted for Finnish customers in laboratories located in other EU member states. As a rule, laboratories carrying out regulatory analyses, for example, have to have accreditation based on the ISO/IEC 17025 standard. When foreign laboratories are used, the customer is responsible for the assessment of compliance with requirements.