Analytics fields and tasks

Safety of foods and feeds

Evira functions as mandated by the EU Control Regulation (882/2004) and Zoonoses Directive (2003/99/EC), respectively, and by national legislation as national reference laboratory for investigating the safety of foods and feeds.

Diagnostics of animal diseases

Domestic legislation on animal diseases requires certain investigations to be carried out at Evira. Evira serves as reference laboratory for investigations required by the Animal Diseases Act (441/2013), and laboratories executing such investigations are required to comply with directions issued by Evira. Mandated by EU directives the EU has either disease- or species-oriented reference laboratories in the Community, and Evira functions as national reference laboratory as defined by said directives.

The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) has nominated Evira to OIE reference laboratory for crayfish plague.

Plant analytics

Regarding plant health, and agriculture and gardening production efforts, the reference-laboratory concept is in its peak developmental stage among Evira’s fields of operation.
Changes in EU legislation, product harmonization and the liberalisation of the internal trade will expand further the weight of national reference-laboratory operations.