Impact of pests on persistence and spearing of zoonotic bacteria on production farms (PESTANIMAL)

The aim of the project is to study the presence of zoonotic bacteria in pest animals, which have been caught from the surrounding of production farms and feed production premises. The aim is also to investigate the antibiotic resistance of these bacteria. The collected prevalence data and typing data can be utilized in risk assessment to evaluate the exposure of production animals to these bacteria via pest animals. The project produces material and methods that can be utilized later in national zoonosis monitoring programs and in other national and international research projects.

Research group:

  • Professor Pirkko Tuominen (Evira)
  • Senior Researcher Jukka Ranta (Evira)
  • Senior Researcher Leena Seppä-Lassila (Evira)
  • Senior Researcher Heidi Rossow (Evira)
  • Senior Researcher Maria Rönnqvist (Evira)
  • Senior Researcher Marjaana Hakkinen (Evira)
  • Senior Researcher Satu Hakola (Evira)
  • Senior Researcher Suvi Nykäsenoja (Evira)
  • enior Researcher Saija Hallanvuo (Evira)
  • Principal Research Scientist Otso Huitu (Natural Resources Institute Finland)
  • Professor Heikki Henttonen (Natural Resources Institute Finland)


2017 – 2020


Development Fund Agricultural and Forestry (MAKERA), Natural Resources Institute Finland and Evira

Additional information:

Maria Rönnqvist,
Otso Huitu,

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