Action programme

Scientific research at Evira concentrates on advanced scientific research related to food safety and the health and welfare of animals, in areas conforming to the goals of the organization. Concurrently, Evira administers changes in the operational environment through anticipatory actions and reforms, with particular regard to the adjustments in sector research currently in progress throughout the public administration.

When defining targets for scientific research, future research requirements and those of research methods must be anticipated. Scientific research at Evira advances alongside developing the organisation’s requirements for control and risk assessment, and supports Evira’s efforts for reference laboratories and to develop related methods.

Evira’s public tasks and authority include scientific research. Data produced by this research are utilized by national operators as well as the international scientific community.

Read the entire Scientific Research Action Plan for the Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira for 2015 - 2019. It describes the profile and strategic objective of scientific research alongside focus areas and measures for development.

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