Evira's mission and vision

Evira promotes safety, quality and reliability within the food supply chain, all the way from nature to the plate.

Evira’s responsibilities:

  • To work for the Finnish Government reporting to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
  • To be a national opinion leader, consulted expert and partner within the sector
  • To act as a European and international organ
  • To assume responsibility for predicting, preventing and managing quality and safety risks related to food, drink and agricultural production
  • To promote animal health and welfare, as well as plant health


In doing so, Evira will create prerequisites to:

  • Protect human and animal health and the environment
  • Protect consumers’ rights
  • Enhance the competitiveness of agriculture and food production


Evira's vision

People, animals and plants are healthy and well.

The safety, quality and traceability of foods and agricultural inputs in Finland, as well as animal health and welfare and plant health, are at the forefront internationally. The Finnish food supply chain is customer- and consumer-oriented and internationally competitive, and in compliance with sustainable development principles.