Strategic objectives and Critical success factors


  1. High levels of food safety, animal health and plant health are maintained.
  2. Animal welfare is improved.
  3. The conditions for high-quality food production are secured and the productivity of agriculture and the food industry is growing.
  4. The farming, forestry and food industries adapt sustainably to climate change.
  5. The food supply chain responsibility for its operations is verifiable.
  6. Welfare is promoted by safe nutrition.

Critical success factors

  1. Consumers trust in the Finnish food supply chain and recognise messages from Evira.
  2. Evira is proactive and reliable producer of new knowledge and a solid partner in national and international networks.
  3. Risk forecasting and analysis are effective throughout the food supply chain.
  4. Citizens and operators in the food supply chain fulfil their responsibilities with respect to food safety and quality.
  5. Actions taken by authorities in the food supply chain are based on open dialogue and generate added value for consumers and operators within the chain. 
  6. Official supervision is effective and risk-based. 
  7. Crisis preparedness is high. 
  8. Nutrition issues are handled as part of food safety. 
  9. Evira’s personnel have a high level of expertise, enthusiasm and productivity.