1. Evidence-based expertise   

Our operations are built on the best available research data and the systematic development of every employee’s professional skills and competencies. Our independence and reliability are based on careful scientific risk assessments, open consideration of various alternatives, and active dialogue.

Our competencies are based on an evolving, innovative network of experts. We understand the context to which our work relates.

2. Partnership based on positive thinking 

We work with stakeholders in examining the challenges of the food supply chain and the problems faced by our customers. We see the opportunities that lie before us and seize them using a dialogue-based approach.

Our customer service is swift and our communication is proactive. We prepare our guidelines and instructions openly.

3.Courage and responsibility

We are courageous in seeking new solutions and adopting new operating models.

We speak up on topical issues and stand behind our words. Our decisions are based on equal treatment of all parties.

4. Passion from doing things together

Our passion for what we do is evident every day. We achieve results by thinking things through together. The whole adds up to more than the sum of its parts.