Operations at Food Safety Authority Evira are to

  • ensure food safety,
  • advance animal health and welfare, and to
  • promote plant health, and prerequisites for plant and animal production.

Via the links at left, you may find further information on our operations, on the respective pages of departments, separate units, and activities.

Direction of Evira

Here below can be found a list of all directors with their areas of responsibility.  

  • Director General Matti Aho
  • Director Food Safety (key process) Leena Räsänen
  • Director of Animal Health and Welfare (key process) Paula Kinnunen
  • Director of Plant Production and Health (key process)  Matti Puolimatka
  • Director of Control Department Maria Teirikko
  • Director of Research and Laboratory Pia Mäkelä
  • Director of Adminstrative Department Erik Semenius
  • Director of Scientific Research Liisa Sihvonen
  • Head of Communications Varpu Seppälä
  • Development and customer relationship management: Director of Organisational Development Pirjo Vastamäki
  • Personnel representative: Senior Inspector Outi Parikka

  • Secretary for Executive Team: Executive Assistant to the Director General Liisa Rahkila

Evira departments

Evira has three departments:

  • Control
  • Research and Laboratory
  • Administration.

These are subdivided into units divided into sections.

Operational bodies

Subordinated the Director General are various operational bodies:

  • Animal Health and Welfare
  • Food Safety
  • Prerequisites for Plant Production and Plant Health.


The Director General controls also Scientific Research, and Zoonosis Centre.

Operational offices

Evira headquarters are located in Helsinki, on Viikki Campus.
There are also seven additional regional offices in cities mentioned below.
Contact information on these may be found in web section Contact > Offices.

  • Joensuu
  • Kuopio
  • Lappeenranta
  • Loimaa
  • Oulu
  • Seinäjoki
  • Turku


Meat-inspection personnel from the Control Department are positioned in slaughterhouses. These localities, and contact information on inspection personnel may be found in web section Contact > Personnel search > Meat inspection personnel.

The responsibility for meat inspections and associated control in small slaughterhouses and game handling establishments was on 1 September 2011 transferred from the municipalities to Evira.