Administrative Department

The Administrative Department supports the strategic management of Evira and provides consistent support services for the agency’s functions.
The following is a description of the units and sections of the Administrative Department and their duties.

Communication Unit

The unit is responsible for:
1) general Evira publicity policy
2) communication strategy preparation and maintenance
3) coordination and development of online communications, and online communication strategy maintenance
4) management of in-house and external communications
5) development and implementation of crisis and risk communications
6) promoting general awareness of Evira through publicity

Finances Unit

The unit is responsible for:
1) duties related to expense processing, revenue handling and bookkeeping at the agency, and their development
2) content and timing of preparatory measures related to operational and financial planning, assessment, performance accounting, monitoring and reporting
3) development and maintenance of the financial management bookkeeping system, travel administration system and working hours monitoring system

Human Resources Unit


  • HR and payroll


The unit is responsible for:
1) development of human resources and expertise management at Evira, HR and payroll management, HR planning, and preparation and development of HR policy and strategy
2) development of codetermination and participation procedures
3) providing of occupational health and safety services
4) preparation of civil service collective agreements concerning the agency and management of employment relationships

In-House Services

The unit is responsible for:
1) processing, document management and archiving
2) physical security, access control and functions at the Mustialankatu property
3) phone systems and audiovisual equipment
4) publications, printing and vehicles

IT Management Unit


  • information management and IT
  • systems


The unit is responsible for:
1) general agency IT policy
2) IT systems and services development coordination
3) information management strategy preparation and maintenance
4) IT infrastructure and data security development and maintenance
5) preparation of procurement, appropriation management and monitoring, and outsourcing agreements

Legal Affairs Unit

The unit manages legal affairs at the agency and provides control-related legal counselling and training to other authorities as required. The unit also manages the authorisation and control of veterinarians.

Planning and Direction Unit

The unit coordinates, prepares and develops matters related to:
1) drawing up and reporting on the multi-annual national monitoring plan for the food chain specified in Regulation (EC) No. 882/2004
2) the national environmental health monitoring programme
3) regional administration performance management at the agency
5) external training for the agency
6) planning of information systems required for control as agreed separately
7) coordination of inspections performed by the Food and Veterinary Office of the European Commission
8) laboratory approval and register (does not apply to laboratories inspecting batches of seeds for planting purposes)