Scientific research and Zoonosis Centre

The operations of Scientific research and Zoonosis Centre are not part of any department; these are directly subordinate to the Director General.

Scientific research

Scientific research at Evira closely is interrelated with other operations in the administration. In accordance with the strategy and research strategy laid down by Evira, such research concentrates on food safety, and the health and welfare of animals, which have an essential impact on food safety.

Principal domestic collaboration partners of Evira in scientific research are universities and sector research institutions. Evira participates also in LYNET, an alliance of research organizations administrated by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, and the Ministry of the Environment.

Evira participates also in international collaboration networks for research where partners are universities, research institutions and laboratories.

Zoonosis Centre

The Zoonosis Centre has the task to warrant positive collaboration between control and research when monitoring and preventing diseases transmitted between animals and people. The Centre also serves as national collaboration partner as to the EU and other international zoonosis experts.

The Zoonosis Centre is a national network of specialists combining zoonosis expertise present at Evira and the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), respectively.

The Zoonosis Centre has a director being part of the personnel at the Finnish Food Safety Authority. Other tasks at the Centre are handled by personnel at Evira or THL.