Planning and monitoring of Evira’s operations

The key plans of State performance management are performance agreements and the budget decided upon by Parliament. A performance agreement is an agreement between a government agency and Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry concerning the operating objectives for the new year within the framework of granted appropriations.

Of central importance in monitoring data are the financial statements, in particular the annual that forms part of them, and the ministry's opinion of these documents.

The planning and monitoring data related to the Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira’s performance management can be seen in the performance monitoring documents and other documents concerning planning and monitoring.

The performance management documents have been divided into plans and monitoring data. Other documents related to planning and monitoring are either plans, assessments and reports or other documents.

These documents can be found on the Finnish-language part of our website by clicking the link "suomi" on top of the page.

Information on State activities, resources and productivity can be found at the State Administration's internet reporting site, Netra, which is maintained by the State Treasury.

Financial Audit Reports by the National Audit Office