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Hygiene Passport Customer Service

Hygiene passport tests

You can contact the nearest proficiency examiner for information on the locations and dates of passport tests > List of proficiency examiners

Information about the hygiene passport and the proficiency test >

Customer Service: email and Service number

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Customer Service number +358 29 530 0402 Tuesdays 9.00 - 12.00 am

 Proficiency examiners should primarily contact Evira through the Question bank >

Food hygiene

Questions related to e.g. handling, preparation, storage, transport and serving of food, or to storage temperatures, can be sent by email to

Municipal food control provides advice

Consumers and food sector operators can usually get answers best from the food control authorities of their own municipality. For example, suspected food poisonings, and notifications and applications regarding the opening or closing of a food establishment, or changes made in a food establishment, are handled by municipal veterinarians, and food and health inspectors. Complaints related to food sector operators are also dealt with by them. Any contacts to Evira regarding such matters are forwarded to the municipality in question. Contact information for municipalities can be found here.

Import and export of pets and horses: EU-countries, Norway and Switzerland

  • Telephone helpline for import and export of pets and horses between EU-countries, Norway and Switzerland +358 29 530 0401.
    Mon-Wed 9.00 - 11.00.
  • Email helpdesk > ehyt at-merkki-kapea.gif : 0 kB

Import and export of pets: Non-EU countries

Enquiries are replied by email

  • Commercial import ( 6 animals or more, or animals travelling unaccompanied), questions related to pets >
    lentoasema at-merkki-kapea.gif : 0 kB
  • Questions related to animals travelling accompanied, not imported commercially or less than 6 animals > kolmasmaa at-merkki-kapea.gif : 0 kB

NB! As concerns export of live animals to non-EU countries, the exporter shall contact directly the Embassy or the authorities of the country of destination.

Import of food of animal origin

  • Questions related to food of animal origin delivered to Finland from other EU Memeber States > ensisaapumisvalvonta /files/images/at-merkki/at-merkki.gif : 1Kb
  • Questions related to food of animal origin or living animals exported from Finland to countries outside EU >
    vienti.elaintuotteet /files/images/at-merkki/at-merkki.gif : 1Kb

Enquiries related to rabies antibody tests

Enquiries are replied by email

Email helpdesk:

Enquiries related to rabies antibody tests > rabieskyselyt at-merkki-kapea.gif : 0 kB

  • We strive to send the results by post to the sender within two weeks after the receipt of the sample.
  • The results of rabies antibody tests are not given over the telephone or by email.

Helpline to veterinarians:

Veterinarians can call about rabies antibody tests through Evira's telephone exchange Mon-Fri 12.00 - 14.00.