Evira’s website is updated

3.5.2016 10:33

The Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira is changing the content management system of its website. The new Evira-fi website will be published on Tuesday, 3 May 2016.

The service provider of the new system is Solita Oy, and the website is implemented with the EPiServer content management system.

The structure of the service will mainly remain unchanged, and the website contents have been divided into subject areas concerning food, animals and plants. Matters that come under more than one of Evira’s operational entities will be available under the heading of Common Issues. Information about the organisation is given in the ‘About Evira’ section.

Evira.fi has about 6,000 pages, with contents provided in four languages. There are many links and attachments on the website and we will still continue to update them in the new system. Links from other organisations to Evira’s new website must also be updated by the organisations to make sure that they will continue to function.

The previous content management system of Evira’s website was taken into use when the authority was established ten years ago.

‘Naturally, the technical solutions, as well as the operating methods and needs, have changed in the course of a decade, and the upgrade will improve the usability of the service. One of the key areas of improvement has been the development of the search function. In future, the subscription-based press release service will also include news on topical animal diseases, as there has been a distinct call for them,’ says Communications Manager Jussi Koivisto who is in charge of Evira’s upgrade project.


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Further information:
Jussi Koivisto, Communications Manager, tel. +358 50 597 6566, jussi.koivisto@evira.fi

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