EFSA will meet national Focal Points in Finland

15.5.2017 09:10

European Food Safety Authority EFSA organises a meeting in Helsinki for the national Focal Points. EFSA meets Focal Points on a regular basis, usually four times a year. The 31st meeting of the Focal Point network is to be organised for the first time in Finland.

"Focal Points act as a link between the European countries and EFSA. The goal is to promote cooperation between the countries and EFSA, such as the exchange of information and scientific cooperation", explains the official Focal Point contact person for Finland, researcher Kirsi-Maarit Siekkinen from Evira.

The Focal Point network was started in 2008 and focuses on risk assessment. The main task of the Focal Points is to provide support to their national representative in EFSA's Advisory Forum with regard to the enforcement of decisions, for example. One of the basic purposes of the network is also to transmit information received from EFSA to the national experts and stakeholders.

"The Advisory Forum is a core body of EFSA and plays a key role in the cooperation between EFSA and the member states. It links EFSA with the national food safety authorities of the EU member states. The Finnish representative in the Forum is Matti Aho, Director General of Evira", Ms. Siekkinen continues.

The Focal Point network comprises all of the EU's member states, Iceland and Norway as well as observers from Switzerland and EU Candidate Countries.

The Agenda for the meeting (pdf)

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For more information, please contact:
Kirsi-Maarit Siekkinen, Researcher, Risk Assessment Research Unit, tel. +358 40 489 3376, efsafocalpoint@evira.fi


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