is integrating the official services dealing with the food chain into one website

26.11.2018 09:23

The website food will be launched at the very beginning of 2019. It integrates several public services involved in agriculture and food safety. and will then be obsolete. 

When the Finnish Food Safety Authority (Evira), the Finnish Agency for Rural Affairs (Mavi) and a part of the National Land Survey of Finland's Centre for ICT Services (Mitpa) are combined at the end of the year, the services they offer will also be joined into one network service. By combining the agencies, we are aiming at seamless customer service along the whole food chain, from primary production all the way to the consumers.

The new authority will have a large number of services. The Finnish Food Authority promotes, monitors and examines food safety and quality, animal health and welfare, plant health and fertilisers, animal feed, plant protection products, soil conditioners, plant propagation material and raw materials used in agricultural and forestry production.

The Authority is responsible for the use of the assets of the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development in Finland, acts as the Finnish paying agency and manages EU and national subsidies.

The links to the old addresses will be obsolete

The old network addresses and will be redirected to at the very beginning of the year. Online services such as the electronic service Hyrrä for rural support applications will also change to The links to Evira’s and Mavi’s current online content from other online services will be broken.

The constructors of the online service remind the administrators of the partner organisations to correct the links and apologise for the trouble caused by the changes.

Four target groups as the basis for the navigation

The navigation through the site is based on four target groups for which the services are grouped: farmers, businesses, organisations and personal customers. This division will make it easy for the customers to find the solutions suited to their situation.

Solita Oy functions as our partner for the conceptualisation and implementation of the website and Episerver CMS for the publishing system. The planning of the website began a year ago. Members from all three organisations were selected for the project and steering groups.  The guidelines for the structure, functionality, retrieval and visualisation were determined by the workshops last spring.

During the summer the technical implementation was finalised:  setting up an environment and specifying details using the principle of agile development. At the same time, the structure was developed further by the joint effort of the organisations themselves. The production and transfer of the content has been especially intensive during the autumn.

The visual profile of the website is carried over from that of the Food Authority. The colours, for example, are in accordance with the profile: muted blue, straw, and raspberry which is used in links for example.

For further information, please contact:

Project Manager, Communications Manager Johanna Pellinen, tel +358 43 8245 394
Project Manager, Senior Data System Specialist, Hanna Hirsimäki, tel +358 295 31 2466
Chairperson of the Steering Group, Head of ICT Unit Tuija Riukulehto, tel +358 295 312 418


The Finnish Food Safety Authority, the Finnish Agency for Rural Affairs and a part of the National Land Survey of Finland’s Centre for ICT Services become the Finnish Food Authority on 1 January 2019.

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