Eviranet is an extranet service for the authorities in Evira's sector of operation. A personal username and password are needed to access Eviranet. These can be applied for in an Access management system (IAM).

As a rule, user rights to Eviranet can be granted to persons representing the following groups: municipal and state officials working in Evira's sector of operation, authorised inspectors, samplers and other comparable groups.

Further information and instructions are provided in the following paragraphs.

Applying for login information to Access management (IAM)

Access management (IAM) is the system used for the application and administration of user rights to several data systems used by Evira and the Agency for Rural Affairs (Mavi).

The same login information is used both in Access management and in the data systems administered in Access management, such as Eviranet.

Managerial officials who do not have login information to Access management should contact: paasynhallinta@evira.fi.

Finnish municipal and state officials who do not have login information to Access management should ask their superior or another IAM coordinator of the organisation to enter their information in the IAM system. The superior/IAM coordinator will need the following information for this purpose:

  • identity code/date of birth
  • first name and last name
  • contact information (postal address and email address)
  • employer (organisation); municipality or cooperation district (municipal and control unit users)
  • job title/position.

International users and user groups other than Finnish municipal and state officials can use this form to apply for user rights and login information to Access management.

After the application has been endorsed and approved, the login information to Access management is sent to the applicant by email in three messages. The applicant can then create a key code list online at: https://paha.mmmtike.fi/avainluku .

Applying for user rights to Eviranet in Access management

Before opening Access management, make sure you are using one of the following browser versions:

  • Internet Explorer version 9 (or newer), Eviranet works best with this browser
  • Mozilla Firefox version 10 (or newer)
  • Google Chrome version 17 (or newer), this is the least preferred browser for Eviranet

User rights to Eviranet are applied for in Access management as follows:

  1. Log in to Access management at https://paha.mmmtike.fi
  2. Apply for user rights to Eviranet:
    1. Choose type of user rights: Data system access
    2. Choose data system: Aitta and Eviranet service
    3. Choose data system access
  3. Your superior (or Evira for groups "other users") will endorse your application.
  4. Evira approves your application.
  5. You will receive by email information on whether your application has been approved or rejected. - In most cases, the reason for rejection is that user rights are applied under a wrong user group (e.g. a state official applies for user rights under "Other users"), or the applicant is not included in any of the user groups of the extranet. - If the application is rejected, your will receive a message that gives the reason for the rejection. If, for example, you have applied for wrong data system access, the message will provide instructions on how to proceed.

Further information

  • Using Access management: video guides (examples shown are of the Finnish version)
  • User support for Access management available Monday through Friday during office hours at: Paasynhallinta@evira.fi
  • User support for Eviranet: Eviranet@evira.fi
  • Link to Eviranet
  • Link to Access management (IAM)