Frequently asked questions about electronic filing service of food supplements and fortified food notifications

1. How does one log in Evira’s electronic filing service?  

– Evira's electronic filing service is logged in with the ID used in the "Katso" identification system of the Finnish Tax Administration. More information about the Katso system and the IDs used in it is provided on the website of the Tax Administration ( and in the instructions:

 2. Who is the Master User of a company and what are their rights?

– The Master User of an organisation is the person with the right to sign the company name. The Master User must activate Evira’s electronic filing service in the Katso system before they can use the service or authorise others to use it. In Evira’s electronic form service, the Master User has the right to fill out and edit forms. The Master Use also has the right to access all notifications filed by the company, including those filed for the company by other form service users.

3. Can other company employees file food supplement or fortified food notifications?

– A company can set up sub-IDs in the Katso system for employees allowing them to fill out notifications for the company. A sub-ID is an ID designed for company employees and it is not linked to a person. Sub-IDs can only be set up for the employees of one’s own company, not for e.g. external consultants. A sub-ID can be later upgraded to a Katso-ID (e.g. form service user), which always requires verification of the user’s identity by means of e.g. online banking IDs.

4. How can a company authorise a consulting firm to file a notification for it?

– Companies can in the Katso system grant authorisation to persons not employed by the company or to external firms to file electronic notifications for the company. The company will in this case grant e.g. a consultant authorisation for the role of a form service user. The form service users have the right to fill out forms and to edit forms filed by themselves in Evira’s electronic form service. Form service users can only access notifications filed by themselves in the electronic filing service.

One person can only have one Katso ID, because Katso ID’s are linked to personal data. Persons who are e.g. the Master Users of the form service for their own company as well as form service users for other companies (i.e. authorised to file notifications for other companies) log in the electronic filing service with the Katso-ID of their own company and then choose from the initial menu screen the company for which they want to file a notification. The company’s Main User of the form service can access all the notifications filed by the form service users authorised by them.

5. Which location should be chosen on the form?

– The location of the company shall be indicated on the notification form, in addition to the postal address and domicile of the company. The location refers to the company location to which the food supplement or fortification food notification pertains. In practice, the location to be indicated is the one that can best provide information about the food supplement or fortified food concerned, such as information about the recipe, the compounds used, labelling, etc.

6. Why can’t I attach a file to the notification form?

– At present, the maximum size of the compulsory labelling information file to be attached to the form is 1M. Files that are larger than this cannot be uploaded to the notification form. The maximum size of the attached files will be increased in the near future.

7. Do notifications need to list separately all vitamins, minerals and characteristic ingredients, even if they are included in the list of ingredients?

– Yes. The list of ingredients shall list all the ingredients used in the production of the food in descending order of amount, including additives. The vitamins or minerals used to fortify the food, or the characteristic ingredients with which the food supplement is marketed shall be separately indicated under the list of ingredients and the additional information required in the form shall be provided on them, such as amounts and the compounds used.

8. Why does the form ask for the chemical form of vitamins and minerals?

– Vitamins and minerals may only be added to foods in the permitted chemical form. The permitted compounds are listed in EC Regulation 1170/2009. Vitamin D, for example, may be added in foods in the form of either cholecalciferol or ergocalciferol.

9. Can notifications of foodstuffs for particular nutritional use be filed in electronic filing service?

– No. Only food supplements and fortified food notifications can be filed in the electronic filing service.