The Finnish Food Safety Authority handles and files their accounts payable invoices only as e-invoices, in accordance with the goal set by the Ministry of Finance and the instructions (VK 66/03/2012) issued by the State Treasury. We request that you send your invoices electronically from now on via OpusCapita Group Oy which is the e-invoicing operator of the State administration.

As the invoices are circulated internally in Evira, we ask that you make sure that the name of the client and the ordering unit (costing unit) and other details that will make it easier to process the payment, are on the invoice as reference.

According the General Terms of Public Procurement (JYSE 2014) in supply contracts all payments shall be paid against an invoice. If not otherwise agreed, the invoice shall be due for payment twenty-one (21) days from the arrival of an acceptable invoice.

Our invoicing address for e-invoices

E-invoicing address/Party identification number: 003720194885
Electronic Invoicing Operator: OpusCapita Group Oy (former Itella Information Oy)
Operator number: 003710948874
Business ID: 2019488-5
VAT number: FI20194885

Converting paper invoices to electronic format

If you do not use a system that produces electronic invoices, you may use the e-invoicing service offered by the Government for generating and sending e-invoices.

This service is currently free of charge. Instructions on how to log into the service and how to use it are available at State Treasury.

Things to be noticed about the registering process

1. Selecting customer: You will find us (Elintarviketurvallisuusvirasto/Finnish Food Safety Authority) under a bigger organization called Valtionhallinto
2. Activation takes couple of days after sending the registration form. You will get confirmation message to the e-mail address you have supplied at the registration.
3. After the activation message you will be able to send invoices through the service.

For further inquiries and questions about invoicing please contact or +358 295 563 700. Questions concerning about other financial matters, please contact

Evira does not accept invoices sent by e-mail or in paper form. 

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