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The website of the Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira is available in Finnish, Swedish, English and Russian. The Finnish-language website is the most comprehensive one. The Russian-language website mainly focuses on information on imports and exports.

Evira's website is divided into five main sections: Food, Animals, Plants, Shared Topics and About Evira. Each section has its own main page that features topical and frequently searched topics.


Copyrights to the textual material and images published on the website are held by Evira or the author named for the material.

Textual material on the website can be used and linked to, but the source must be indicated. Use of material for any commercial purposes must always be agreed separately with Evira's Communications Unit.

Legal notice

Evira's Communications Unit is responsible for the website. Each of Evira's units is responsible for the accuracy of their news releases published on the website. Every effort is made to ensure that information published on the website is accurate and up-to-date. Evira is not responsible for any expenses or damage users may incur as a result of errors in the content of the website. Evira is also not responsible for any harm caused by technical disturbances or by material, published by third parties, to which links on the website lead.

Handling of personal data

Evira observes the Personal Data Act in protecting the privacy and personal data of visitors to the website. We do not collect information that could be used to identify individual visitors. We need an email address only for responding to any questions or feedback. The feedback form provided for our service is unencrypted. Evira shall not be liable if an email address or name entered in the feedback form is in some way obtained by an outside party.


At the bottom of each content page, there is a link to a feedback form ('Give feedback on this page'). Evira uses this form to collect information on the clarity and comprehensiveness of the content on the page, as well as the functioning of the website. In general, we do not reply to feedback regarding a specific page. Feedback on the website can also be sent to the address

Feedback on Evira's activities can be given by using the feedback form in the About Evira section.

Technical requirements

Solita Oy is responsible for the website's technical implementation, in cooperation with Evira's IT management unit.

Compatibility with browsers and operating systems

Our online service has been designed and tested for use with the most common browser/operating system combinations.

If our website or a programme on our website does not work,

  • clear the cache on your computer,
  • close all browser windows and start again,
  • or restart your computer.

Information collected by the website

We collect general-level statistical data for the purposes of developing the web service. Such data includes the number of visitors, the popularity of pages, from which website visitors arrived at our service, the most common search words and browsers, and the country of the visitor.

RSS service

News releases can be subscribe by email.

More information

For more information on the website, contact Evira's Communications Unit at