Frequently asked questions about distemper

Distemper was detected at a mink farm in Ostrobothnia in early 2013.

1. How can one prevent the disease from spreading outside the fur farm? With fur animals, measures taken by the industry, such as isolation and vaccinations, are used to combat distemper. Detecting the disease in dogs or fur animals does not lead to measures by authorities. Veterinarians must report all detected cases of distemper to Evira’s Control Department. It is advisable to ensure the vaccination of dogs according to recommendations.

2. Has the disease spread elsewhere? New samples taken at fur farms are investigated as they are delivered to Evira. Sofar no new cases have been detected

3. Are there enough vaccines? There are several vaccines for dogs on the market that also include a vaccine against distemper. There should not be any shortage of vaccines. There are also distemper vaccines that are suitable for fur animals.

4. Is it safe for a pet dog to come in contact with other dogs? Discovery of the distemper case at the fur farm does not lead to a restriction on contact with vaccinated dogs.

5. Should the presence of dogs near farms be restricted? The unnecessary presence of dogs near farms should be avoided. Unvaccinated puppies, in particular, are susceptible to distemper. Even a vaccinated dog may spread the virus, so dogs should be kept away from farms.

6. What kinds of vaccines should a pet dog have? Evira recommends that all dogs be vaccinated against distemper. If necessary, please consult your veterinarian.