Health authorisation of aquaculture farms

The sale or transfer of fish, crayfish or mussels for food, on-growing or restocking from farms or from ponds with natural nutrition is not permitted without a health authorisation. The health authorisation system collects information about the aquaculture industry and promotes the prevention, control and eradication of diseases in aquaculture animals.

The aim is also to retain the disease free status for animal diseases which are to be controlled in the country or area, and to increase the preparedness for rapid disease control in case of a possible disease outbreak.

The health authorisation also increases the awareness, preparedness and personal responsibility of businesses with respect to the prevention of the spread of animal diseases. The authorisation aims at ensuring that the establishments as a result of their operations do not constitute a risk for the spread of diseases to other establishments or to wild animals.

Farmers of aquaculture animals (fish, crayfish or mussels and fertilised gametes of these) have applied for authorisation for their operation from Evira. Authorisation is also required for fish processing establishments in VHS containment area in Åland Islands. In Åland Islands, the authorisation is applied for from the Åland Government.

A list of authorised Finnish aquaculture farms and their processing establishments has been published on Evira’s Internet pages: