Sampling and dispatch instructions

These pages contain Evira's general instructions on testing for animal diseases and those on taking and sending samples for particular diseases.

Evira test certificates by email 

If they wish, Evira's customers can receive their future test certificates by email. Test certificates sent as email attachments will replace those sent by post. The revised cover notes ask customers for their email addresses. If you would like the test certificate to be sent in the former manner – by post – please do not fill in the section of the cover note that asks for your email address.

For testing purposes, it is important that the correct sample is taken and sent to Evira in such a manner that the sample remains testable. In addition to general packaging and despatch instructions, the sidebar menu on the left has more detailed instructions on sampling and sending. Because Evira has several locations, it is also important to check to which office you have been asked to send the sample.

When sending samples by post, you must follow the general instructions of the postal service and those on the sending of diagnostic samples.

Packages sent to Helsinki with Matkahuolto may not be sent to the Matkahuolto Agent in Herttoniemi.


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