Authorities get ready for African swine fever in disease introduction simulation exercise


<p>The Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira and Regional State Administrative Agency for Eastern Finland will practice official measures in case of African swine fever entering the country. The simulation exercise takes place on 28-29 October 2015 and is set in the Eastern Finland region.&nbsp;</p>

The purpose of the exercise is to ensure the effectiveness of official measures and that the contingency plans are up-to-date. The exercise is a part of normal precautionary measures against animal diseases.

”Practicing control measures in case of African swine fever is particularly important in Eastern Finland, as the disease is found in Russia and the Baltic countries both in wild boar and production pigs”, says Head of Section Sirpa Kiviruusu from Evira.

African swine fever is an easily spread, serious viral disease affecting pigs and wild boar, but does not affect humans. The disease causes sizeable financial losses. It has never been found in Finland.

Virtual exercise imitates real situation

The ASF simulation exercise ‘Wild East 2015' will be implemented as a virtual exercise, and does not involve visiting production farms or abattoirs.  An imaginary narrative that imitates a possible case of the disease has been created for the exercise. More detailed information is confidential until the exercise days.

The exercise participants will include provincial veterinary officers and local preparedness veterinarians trained in the prevention and control of incidences of disease from the Eastern Finland region. Evira will direct the exercise and take part with a contingent of several units.

The veterinary authorities have organised several regional, national and international simulation exercises in case of African swine fever from 2011. The exercise is the first in the Eastern Finland area.

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Further information:
Sirpa Kiviruusu, Head of Section, Evira, tel. +358 400 920 503
Kaisa Honkapirtti, Provincial Veterinary Officer, Regional State Administrative Agency, Eastern Finland, tel. +358295 016 609


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