Hygiene Passport

Those who work in the food industry must have basic knowledge of food hygiene in order to ensure food safety.  The Finnish hygiene passport for the food industry was developed to promote food safety.

A person has to have a hygiene passport if

  • they work on food premises and
  • handle unpackaged perishable foodstuffs.

Food premises are for example cafés, restaurants, fast food restaurants, institutional kitchens, food shops, bakeries and factories producing foodstuffs. Examples of perishable foodstuffs are milk, meat and fish. Evira has compiled a table on what is considered to be handling of unpackaged, perishable foodstuffs and what is not. The table is available on Evira's internet page under Handling of unpackaged perishable foodstuffs. 


Information on the hygiene passport, hygiene proficiency, the proficiency test, proficiency examiners and food hygiene is available on Evira’s pages on hygiene passports. The page Frequently asked questions contains answers and information on the following:

For more information contact Evira’s customer service on hygiene passports: