Change of name

The proficiency examiner must always be given an official certificate, which shows the change of name, e.g. an extract from the population information system or a marriage certificate. For example a driver’s licence, passport, Kela card etc. do not certify the name change, as these documents do not show both the old and the new name.


1. One part of the hygiene passport (the proficiency certificate in paper format or hygiene proficiency card) is lost

  • Contact primarily your original proficiency examiner, but if that is not successful, can any proficiency examiner issue a new hygiene passport
  • The remaining part of the hygiene passport has to be supplied to the proficiency examiner
  • The proficiency examiner issues a new hygiene passport


2. Both parts of the hygiene passport are lost

  • Only the original proficiency examiner can issue a new hygiene passport and only if the examiner still holds the original test      form in the archive
  • It is the duty of the proficiency examiner to archive the documents that are the grounds for issuing a hygiene passport (such as the test form) for three years after the date of issuing the hygiene passport


3. Both parts of the hygiene passport are lost and the original proficiency examiner does not have the test form 

  • The proficiency test has to be repeated


4. Both parts of the hygiene passport are lost and the hygiene passport was issued based on a qualification or education

  • Any proficiency examiner can issue a new hygiene passport
  • The proficiency tester has to be provided with a certified true copy of the diploma including an extract of the study registry



The contact details for almost all of the examiners are available under the link “List of proficiency examiners”. It has the contact details for the examiners who have given permission for their contact details to be published. 

For more information and contact details for the proficiency examiners, contact Evira’s customer service on hygiene passports: