How can I get a hygiene passport?

You can get a hygiene passport

  • by getting a pass in a proficiency test or
  • Having a suitable qualification or education in the food sector.

Who issues hygiene passports?

Independent proficiency testers which are approved by Evira issue hygiene passports. Evira does not organise proficiency tests or training for the participants in the tests. Evira does not issue hygiene passports. It is the duty of the proficiency tester to organise and inform on tests, and to issue new hygiene passports (when a hygiene passport is lost or contains errors or when there is a name change).

Who organises proficiency tests?

Independent proficiency examiners approved by Evira organise proficiency tests in different parts of Finland. The proficiency examiners do not organise tests outside Finland’s borders.

How can I contact a proficiency examiner?

There are over 2000 proficiency examiners approved by Evira all over Finland. The testers' contact details are found under the link "List of proficiency examiners". The list is organised according to postal code, which makes it easy for you to find proficiency examiners in your area. You can contact testers in your municipality or area by e.g. e-mail when you want information on timetables for the proficiency tests, enrolment, participation in the proficiency test, prices etc.

The proficiency examiners are independent parties, even though their activities are supervised by Evira. It is the proficiency examiners who decide when and for whom they will organise proficiency tests.  Proficiency examiners can charge their clients for the costs related to organising the proficiency test and issuing a hygiene passport.

For more information and contact details for the proficiency examiners, contact Evira’s customer service on hygiene passports: