Proficiency test

A regular proficiency test is performed in writing, either in Finnish or Swedish. 

The proficiency examiners may also arrange tests under so-called special circumstances. The test can for example be arranged in languages other than Finnish or Swedish. Tests under special circumstances have been arranged for example in English, Chinese and Russian. Tests have also been undertaken in braille and sign language.

Supervision during the test

Proficiency tests are always performed independently under the supervision of a proficiency examiner.


It is the duty of the proficiency examiner to ensure that the premises and other arrangements for the test are such that every person who performs the test can work peacefully and independently.

Time allowed for the test

The time allowed for a normal proficiency test is 45 minutes. There is no time limit for tests under special circumstances. You may leave the room no earlier than 20 minutes after the test started.

Test form

The whole test has to be written on Evira’s test form. The name and birth date have to be written clearly on the form by the person being tested. The examiner will issue the hygiene passport based on that information.

Test questions

The proficiency test consists of 40 correct/wrong statements. The statements involve different areas of food hygiene. The statements are constructed in such a way that the test requires each statement to be read with care, and the answers should be considered from a food hygiene point of view as to the activities taking place on food premises.

There is not one correct answer in the legislation or a certain regulation for every statement, as the answers can also be based on e.g. good hygiene practices. There is therefore no absolute truth for some of the statements, but from a food hygiene point of view one answer is clearly a better alternative than the other. This kind of proficiency and understanding is what should be demonstrated in the test. It is also needed for the practical work.

Performing the test

  • The person being tested marks an X in a box either for “correct” or “wrong”, based on whether the person agrees with the statement or not.
  • The answers are marked on Evira’s test form in a colour other than a black ballpoint pen or another similar pen, in order to ensure that the answers cannot be changed later and the original test form is archived in accordance with the regulations.
  • To pass the test, a minimum of 34/40 points has to be achieved. Each correct answer is given one point. There are no minus points for wrong answers, so a pass will be given for up to six wrong answers. Empty boxes or unclearly marked answers (i.e. the proficiency examiner cannot work out which alternative is meant to be the correct one) are interpreted as being wrong.

Returning the test form and checking the identity 

At the end of the test, the proficiency examiner receives the test forms and at the same time checks the identity of those tested. The participants in the test must have official identification at the test.

The proficiency examiner checks and archives the test forms.

Ordering a replacement hygiene passport

A person taking part in a proficiency test is the proficiency examiner’s client. If there are any errors or shortcomings on the client’s proficiency certificate, the client and the examiner will ensure that they are corrected. Evira does not have access to the names or other information of those tested. For this reason, it is important that the examiners give their contact details to those who participated in the test, and that they take note of the contact details. If there is an error on the hygiene passport, the client should contact the examiner without delay, who will issue a new hygiene passport using the correct information. If the hygiene passport gets lost later or if the name changes, the proficiency examiner who issued the initial proficiency certificate should be contacted.

Model test

There is a model test in printable pdf-format at the bottom of the page in Finnish, Swedish and English.  You can also try the model test in electronic format. A model test cannot be used as an actual proficiency test, and a hygiene passport will not be issued based on the model test. The actual proficiency test is always a written test on Evira’s test form in paper format and organised by a proficiency examiner. The actual proficiency test cannot be carried out electronically.




Model test form