Proficiency test

A regular proficiency test is performed either in Finnish or Swedish. 

The proficiency examiners also may arrange tests under so-called special circumstances, which can be arranged for example in other languages than Finnish or Swedish. Tests under special circumstances have been arranged for example in English, Chinese and Russian. Tests also have been performed using Braille and signing. 

Proficiency tests are always performed independently and supervised by the proficiency examiner. Response markings are to be entered in Evira’s test form using a ballpoint pen writing another colour than black or using some other writing utensil guaranteeing that results afterwards cannot be altered and that the original form can be archived according to regulations. The proficiency examiner is required to take care through space and test arrangements that each person doing the test is allowed to present his or her responses in peace and independently.

When the test time has run out, collects the test forms and, at the same, verifies the identities of the persons being tested. The proficiency examiner checks and files the test forms.

The participants in a test should carry with them an official identity document to the test occasion.

A person participating in a proficiency test is a client of the proficiency examiner. In case any errors or defects appear in the proficiency certificate received by the client, the client and the proficiency examiner together take care of corrections. Evira does not have access to the names and other information on the persons who have participated in tests. Therefore, it is important that the examiner gives their contact information to those having participated in tests and that the participants take note of the contact information. If an error occurs in a hygiene passport, the participant concerned immediately must contact the proficiency examiner, who issues a new hygiene passport with correct information. If later on, your hygiene passport is lost or your name on it changes, please, contact the proficiency examiner who issued the original proficiency certificate.  

Test time

During a normal test, you have 45 minutes to answer to the statements. During tests under special circumstances, the time to answer is unlimited. You may leave the test occasion no earlier than 20 minutes after the test started. 

Performing a test

One proficiency test contains 40 correct/wrong statements. The statements involve various sections of food hygiene.

The person being tested marks an X in a box either for "correct" or "wrong", depending on whether the person’s opinion agrees with that of the statement or not.

To pass the test, you must at least manage the rating 34/40. Each correct answer is given one mark, and no minus marks will be given on wrong answers, i.e. while having collected six faulty answers you still will pass the test. Response boxes left empty or presenting ambiguous answers (such that the examiner cannot decide which alternative is intended) will be interpreted as faulty answers.

Nonetheless, the statements are disposed such that the test will demand the person being tested carefully to read each statement and specifically think on the answer from a food hygienic perspective on activities occurring in food premises.

Legislation and regulations do not have the correct answers on each statement, and the answer rather may be based also on e.g. good hygienic praxis. For some statements no absolute truth exists, but from a food hygienic perspective one answer clearly is a better alternative than the other. Specifically, the test is designed to define that kind of proficiency and understanding, because that is what is needed in practical work.  

Model test

In the section ”More on this subject on our website” at the right on this page you may find a model test in printable PDF format, in Finnish, Swedish and English. You may also try the model test in electronic format. Please, note that it is not possible to arrange a genuine proficiency test using the model test and you will not receive a proficiency certificate based on it. A genuine proficiency test is always performed using a test form on paper and arranged by a proficiency examiner during a test session particularly applied for, and reserved for each occasion. A proper proficiency test cannot be performed electronically.



Proficiency test, model series