Mobile food premises are not accepted as first destination places

Place of first arrival or first destination place mean food premises in Finland which are the first to receive foodstuffs of animal origin supplied to Finland from another Member State of the European Union, and food premises which receive such food from an intermediate storage facility in the form of undivided import consignments after storage of less than 48 hours (EtL 6 §, ESA 4 §).

First destination place may be for example slaughterhouse, meat cutting establishment, storage and manufacturing place or food shop, restaurant or other large-scale kitchen.
By mobile food premises is meant any mobile or temporary place or equipment where foodstuffs are sold or handled, for example a mobile stand, van, tent (Food Law 23/2006, 1137/2008 6 §, 18 a).

Mobile food premises are not accepted as first destination places. The operator of first arrivals must have a stable place of first destination which is accepted as food premises. The operator shall register under the food control of that town where the place of first destination is situated. After receiving foodstuffs to a registered stable place of first destination they may be transferred into mobile food premises for further distribution.