Private individuals

On this page there is information about what to do when you, as a private individual, bring food of animal origin from within the internal market to Finland.

Is it possible to bring food of animal origin for personal use from other EU countries without declaring it at the point of entry?

Food of animal origin brought in by a private individual for his or her personal use from another member state of the European Union, or which is sent to a private individual to be used in the private household, is not covered by the control at the point of entry.

It is permitted to bring in such an amount of food of animal origin or products containing food that can be considered reasonable consumption by a private individual in a private household. Information on the limitations on bringing in food of other origin than animals for personal consumption or as gifts is available at, where you will also find the upper limit for tax free imports of these.

Import of food for these purposes does not require notification on the matter.

But if the products in question are intended for distribution or sale, the activity is considered to be an activity at the point of entry, and is therefore subject to the control.


Travellers may bring with them game that they have shot themselves from the countries mentioned above. However, the upper limit for tax-free import has to be adhered to, and the CITES regulations and decisions on protection have to be observed.

Commercial activity

If food of animal origin is imported from the internal market for commercial purposes (for distribution or sale) to Finland, the activity is covered by the control at the point of entry. Information on controls at the point of entry and the requirements for the activities at the points of entry are found at "controlling the places of first arrivals" found on the left column.

Non-commercial activities

If food of animal origin is introduced to Finland from within the internal market for non-commercial purposes, see "Food for personal use" in the left column.

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