Project: Building export capacity in small and medium-sized business

Evira has launched a project designed to promote the export skills of Finnish small and medium-sized businesses in the food sector through provision of advice, training and guidance.

Companies need to plan and investigate many different points and issues before starting the export of food products. As far as the export of in particular products of animal origin to non-EU states is concerned, businesses may have to fulfil export conditions that exceed the requirements laid down in EU and Finnish regulations.

The goals of the project include:

  • to increase the understanding and knowledge of small and medium-sized businesses as concerns regulatory requirements related to export of food products
  • to find solutions to problems related to export
  • to map out the export conditions applied to specific product groups in third countries
  • to identify destination countries that are attractive in terms of regulatory requirements and market potential

The project has been started to provide advice and practical guidance related to export to small and medium-sized businesses and authorities that control them. Online material will be prepared and export training events arranged to support the advisory system.

The work carried out by various other parties for the promotion of export is also to be taken advantage of in the project so as to enhance as many aspects of the export skills of small and medium-sized businesses as possible.

Welcome to join us

We invite active participation in the project from food sector entrepreneurs, food control and all parties involved in export promotion activities.

To participate, you can contact Evira by email (pk-vienti(at) and for example ask about export or describe your needs and wishes for the advice and other services provided within the project, as well as the plans and experiences of your company in export trade.

To receive information about the progress of the project, please subscribe to the mailing list of the project. For more information, please contact Ms. Sanna Kiuru or Ms. Saara Lönnroth.


Advisory system for food sector under reform

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