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Clean nature, cool climate and investments made in animal welfare and health together with efficient from-field-to-fork food control system guarantee the safest and most delicious food from Finland.

Finland is the northernmost country in the European Union resting solidly on an ancient bed of granite. The very north and Arctic position of the country ensures exceptional conditions for producing safe and delicious food. Finland has long, cold winters and moderate green summers when it never gets dark.

Finland is a small country renowned for the vast forests, clean air and numerous lakes as well as for the respectful coexistence between the Finns and nature. Finns are also renowned for their honesty and hard work, and Finland is year after year ranked as one of the least corrupt countries in the world.

Safe food

The entire food chain from field to fork is studied and managed in Finland to ensure the food that reaches consumers’ plates is safe. Inspections, testing and control begin with primary production and continue in facilities and plants where materials are processed. Clean, potable water is used in all processing stages of our domestic food products.

Further along, the control programmes cover wholesalers and shops that sell food to consumers. As part of the food chain, research and control programmes are conducted regarding animal health and welfare, diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans as well as control of plant health.

One health

The excellent control programmes, along with good animal husbandry practices allow Finland to use very small amounts of antibiotics for production animals. Also the use of growth promotion is prohibited. In fact, the responsible veterinary use of antibiotics has continued since the 1970s.

The One Health concept in Finland recognizes that the health of humans is connected to the health of animals and the environment. This keeps the antimicrobial resistance level very low for animals and food, and preserves the valuable antibiotics for human health care.

Healthy animals

Besides the clean nature, Finland can also boast with its exceptional animal health status. Finland has a zero-tolerance policy for Salmonella in food producing animals and rigorous control programmes for other animal diseases. There have never been such severe animal diseases as African Swine Fever or PRRS in Finland. Finland has not suffered outbreaks in severe animal diseases such as Foot and Mouth Disease in decades.

Finland values the welfare of production animals very highly. For instance, tails are not cut in piglets, which is rare in today’s high-intensity animal husbandry.

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