Import of fishery products

You can find guidance for seeing all EU-legislation on the left margin in “The guidance for searching EU-legislation” on the left margin.

The import requirements for fishery products from non –EU countries in case when fishery products caught wild are the following:

1. Import of fishery products into EU is allowed from countries mentioned in Annex II in Commission Decision 2006/766/EY. Open the decision under the “Consolidated version” - the latest version of the consolidated decision is found behind the latest date (the lowest link).

2. Fishery products must originate from EU–approved establishment.

3. Fishery products must be accompanied by a health certificate according to Commission Implementing Regulation 1012/2012 Annex I "Model health certificate for imports of fishery products intended for human consumption". The consignment must fulfill the requirements mentioned in the decision.

The model health certificate for imports of bivalve molluscs echinoderms, tunicates and marine gastropods intended for human consumption can be found in Annex II (PART A).


A specific health certificate model for fishery products imported from New Zealand and USA exist, they can be found in the right column.

4.  A veterinary border inspection is required before the entry to EU area. The fees for veterinary border inspections in Finland are stipulated in the decree of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, and found in the Evira`s Internet –address in Finnish.  You can find more information on veterinary border control on the left margin.

5. The check for veterinary border inspection should be booked at least one working day before the consignment enters the EU by filling and sending the first page of Common Veterinary Entry Document (CVED) by TRACES –system to the border inspection post concerned. You can practice the using of TRACES –system on TRACES-website where the user manual is found as well.

6. Following of the safeguard measures is the responsibility of the importer. Safeguard measures are the decisions of EC which deny (depends of the outbreak of the animal diseases) the import from certain country and certain products.

If the fishery products originate from aquaculture farm:

7.  In addition to the requirements mentioned above, import of fishery products is allowed from countries which have presented residue monitoring plans to the EU-Commission. List of those countries is found in the Annex of Commission Decision 2011/163/EY.

Before the actual first import of fishery products we ask you to send us the scanned copy of at least the health certificate to check the validity of the documentation to rajatarkastus at-merkki-kapea.gif : 0 kB If the consignment is accompanied by incorrect documents (incorrect health certificate etc.), the consignment stays in the warehouse until the correct document would catch us (storage costs), the consignment would be sent back to the country of origin, or the consignment would be destroyed.