The guidance for searching EU-legislation

Several legal texts published in different issues of the Official Journal of the European Union (OJ) are combined at the EUR-Lex as a ‘consolidated family’ in one easy-to-read document.

 Consolidated texts are intended for use as documentation tools and the institutions do not assume any liability for their content. Please note that these texts have no legal value. For legal purposes please refer to the texts published in the OJ. Anyway, for imported consignments the consolidated texts latest by date are highly recommended, because you can find the updated health certificate models and other requirements in them, and the veterinary border inspection posts will approve the use of them.

To search for legislation go to the EUR-Lex home page = legislation search page below (go to the middle tab – ‘by document reference’) and insert the year and number of the piece of legislation you are looking for and indicate the legislation type eg to search for Council Directive 91/496/EEC: Year – 1991; Number: 496; Type: Directive. Click on blue search in the right..

To view the original version, click on pdf or html symbol to access the document. To see the consolidated version, click on the ‘latest consolidated version’ and then click on the pdf or html version to access the document.

If you want to see which legislation has amended, corrected or repealed/revoked the primary legislation (ie bibliographic information), click on the text of the title of the document and then in the grey tabs above ‘title and reference’ click ‘All` Legislation search page EUR-Lex.

Please note that it may take time to update the lists of amending legislation.