Choline is a fat-soluble compound found in the membrane phospholipids of all tissues. Like inositol, choline is classified as a vitamin-like compound, which does not in all respects meet the definition of a vitamin, but is necessary to e.g. poultry at a certain growth stage. Choline is involved in the body in e.g. the metabolism of fat and cholesterol, and acts in the structures of plasma membranes as well as in inter-cellular communication. All natural fats contain some choline in the form of phosphatidylcholine. The highest choline concentrations are present in egg yolk, beef liver and wheat germ. No cases of choline deficiency have been reported in humans.

The choline content of energy drinks is ca. 20 mg/100 ml. No recommended intake value has been defined for choline, as it is not an essential nutrient.