What to replace liver with?

For pregnant women and children under school age, adequate intake of vitamin A is ensured by abundant consumption of vegetables, berries and fruit. Vegetables are safe sources of provitamins of vitamin A and excessive intake of vitamin A is not possible from vegetables, as it is from liver. Vegetables, berries and fruit are also important sources of other nutrients. They contain carbohydrates and dietary fibre and are mostly lean in energy, fat and proteins. Vegetables, berries and fruit also contain several other vitamins, such as folate and vitamin C, as well as minerals and other health-promoting substances.

According to nutrition recommendations, we should eat plenty of vegetables and berries, at least 5 portions every day. It is advisable to eat part of the vegetables uncooked, as salads and grated vegetables. These can be made more succulent and tasty with oil-based dressings. Berries and fruit should preferably be eaten as such, instead of juices.