Genetically modified food (GMO)

Genetically modified food is safe. Genetically modified foodstuffs may not be placed on the market unless they have been authorised in the EU. All genetically modified material is subject to a strict approval procedure in the EU, which includes a statement prepared by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) on the safety of the genetically modified product. Approved genetically modified material does not have any adverse effects on human health, animal health or environmental health.

If the food is genetically modified, this must be indicated on the labelling. The words ‘genetically modified’ or for example ‘produced from genetically modified soya beans’ must appear in the list of ingredients immediately following the genetically modified ingredient.

Control of genetically modified food products is part of normal food control, which is based on self-monitoring carried out by the entrepreneurs. Practical food control is the responsibility of municipal food control authorities who act in accordance with guidelines issued by Evira and Evira’s own inspection veterinarians. Finnish Customs also controls genetically modified food products.

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