Research conducted by Evira

Research into acrylamide by Evira since 2002

Evira has conducted research into acrylamide since 2002. Acrylamide levels in Finnish foodstuffs have been one area of the research. Results have been submitted to EFSA for use as background for risk assessment on acrylamide.

The levels are discussed in two publications:

  • Eerola S, Hollebekkers K, Hallikainen A, Peltonen K (2007). Acrylamide levels in Finnish foodstuffs analysed with liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry. Mol Nutr Food Res 51:239-247.

  • Kronlöf E (2014). Ruispohjaisten elintarvikkeiden akryyliamidi (Acrylamide in rye-based foodstuffs). Master’s Thesis, Department of Food and Environmental Sciences, University of Helsinki.


The exposure of Finnish people to acrylamide has also been calculated based on the results. Measures to reduce the exposure of Finnish people to acrylamide have been assessed in connection with the intake calculations.

More information on the results of the research project: Assessment of the intake of acrylamide.

In 2002-2017, a total of ca. 350 samples were analysed by Evira. Table 1 presents the analysis results. Other snacks refer to e.g. maize crisps and popcorn. The processed foods category includes both vegetable and meat products.

Table 1. Acrylamide levels measured by Evira in different foodstuffs in 2002-2017.