From the year 2018 onwards

Municipal food control authorities control, based on the OIVA system, the implementation of in-house control according to Evira's guidelines.

In addition, about ten food samples will be collected on risk basis according to Evira's control and sampling guidelines as part of regulatory control of genetically modified (gm) foods. Sampling will primarily be targeted at control of manufacture, but samples related to market control can also be taken.

On risk basis, sampling is targeted at raw materials or food products ready for consumption which may contain gm ingredients (e.g. soya bean, maize, rapeseed, (Asian) rice, papaya). Organic products and products claimed to be "GMO free" are also included in the control programme. As far as possible, samples are taken from the raw materials used in manufacture, allowing products entering the market to be controlled at an early stage of their production cycle.

The conformity of food products imported from beyond the European borders or from EU Member States is controlled by the Customs. The Customs analyse 150-200 food samples every year for genetically modified ingredients. Please visit the website of the Customs for more information on control activities: