Demonstration of significant history of use

The responsibility for proving the use for human consumption to a significant degree rests with the operator. Evira assesses the material submitted by the operator together with the novel food experts of other countries following the procedures jointly laid down in the EU. Use during the war is not approved when the history of use is assessed, because during the years of shortage, people would use as food also plants, which according to the current perception are not fit for use as food and the safety of which in human consumption has not been verified. Use as a food supplement and other small-scale use are not considered to be consumption to a significant degree either, due to the small amounts that are consumed. On the other hand, if some substance or plant has demonstrably been used as a food supplement prior to the year 1997, it is still authorised to be used in food supplements. The expansion of the use of such a substance or plant to other food categories will required novel food authorisation, however.