Food safety control

This section contains information on food safety control in Finland.

Food safety in Finland 2015 (Download pdf, in Finnish)

This report presents for the year 2015 the results of regulatory control related to food safety, official control and monitoring programmes on food and feed, as well as research and risk assessments. The report also assesses, based on those results, the status of food safety and the future needs of regulatory activities in Finland. The report extends the annual report referred to in EU Control Regulation (EC) No. 882/2004 with respect to food safety; the annual report describes the results of control in the various sectors of the food supply chain as a whole. A summary report of this type has not been prepared before, but results from previous years can be found on Evira’s website ( and

The results of regulatory control and studies conducted by authorities for the year 2015 demonstrate that food safety is on a good level in Finland. Products produced domestically do not contain contaminants in levels harmful to consumers. Very small amounts of bacteria causing food poisoning are found in the analysed food products. There have not been great changes in the number of food poisonings and the number of affected people in the recent years.

Results pertaining to food sector operators operating in Finland are published through the Oiva system. The results demonstrate that, as a rule, the operators fulfil requirements related to food safety excellently or well in the entire chain. Improvement areas are commonly related to in-house control and associated sampling, general hygiene, the management of temperatures and substances causing allergies and intolerances, as well as the suitability of facilities and  equipment for the operation concerned, and the maintenance of such facilities and equipment. The appropriate state of these factors contributes significantly to the prevention of food poisoning epidemics and anaphylactic rections. Labelling is another area that often needs improvement.


Food safety in Finland 2015 (pdf, in Finnish)