Advisory system for food sector under reform

Evira has launched a project designed to identify the best and most effective channels and methods for providing advice to small and medium-sized businesses in the food sector, and to reform the advisory system based on the identified channels and methods.

The project also includes presentation of examples of good practical solutions and preparation of supporting material for food sector businesses. The supporting material is designed to facilitate

  • the founding of a company
  • the recognition of key requirements related to the operation and products of the company
  • the identification of any specific risks of the operation, as well as risk management

Other forms of project activities include local information events, workshops or training events, development of the advisory activities and sharing of information among the authorities.

Four pilot groups have been set up within the project to identify effective methods for providing advice

  • restaurants
  • cutting plants, establishments producing minced meat, and establishments producing meat preparations
  • sales and serving in connection with primary production, and small-scale processing of plant products
  • groups of immigrant/ethnic background.

Your help is needed!

We invite active participation in the project from food sector entrepreneurs, food control as well as advisory and training organisations. You can affect the outcome of the project by responding to the surveys conducted in the project, giving feedback on the website to be opened later, or sending email to us.

To receive information about the progress of the project, please subscribe to the mailing list of the project:

More information about the project can be obtained from Ms. Tiina Läikkö-Roto, Ms. Pirjo Korpela and Ms. Marjo Ruusunen. To contact us, please use email at